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Revitalise design with the power of tea!

Infusing freshness into every creation.

We proudly served
  • Teatime Studio, a branding and design studio based in Hong Kong, was established in 2018. We are renowned for our innovative and impactful design solutions, earning recognition such as the prestigious "Best DH Data Visualization" award at the Digital Humanities Awards 2021 in collaboration with the Department of History at Hong Kong Baptist University.

    Our extensive clientele includes universities, NGOs, enterprises, and cultural organisations. At Teatime Studio, we believe in breathing new life into your image, brand, and products/services. Drawing inspiration from the invigorating power of a tea break, our team of creative professionals infuses every design with freshness and innovation.

    We understand the significance of capturing your brand's essence and creating captivating visuals that leave a lasting impression. Whether you seek to establish a brand identity or revitalise an existing one, our team offers a bespoke approach tailored to your unique requirements.

    Immerse yourself in the Teatime experience and let us bring your vision to life. Contact us today to explore how we can elevate your brand.

  • 1. Branding Design
    Create a powerful and distinctive brand identity that encapsulates the essence of your business. From logo design to brand guidelines, we'll help you establish a strong and memorable brand presence.

    2. Publication Design
    Bring your publications to life with visually captivating designs. Whether it's magazines, brochures, or catalogues, our expertise in publication design will ensure your content stands out and engages your audience.

    3. Corporate Identity
    Develop a cohesive and professional corporate identity that reflects your company's values and vision. From business cards to letterheads, we'll design materials that leave a lasting impression.

    4. Graphic Design
    Bring your ideas to life through creative and impactful graphic designs. From posters and banners to social media graphics, our graphic design services will effectively communicate your message.

    5. UI/UX Design

    Craft intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces (UI) and user experiences (UX) for websites and applications. We'll create seamless interactions that enhance usability and delight your users.

    6. Design Consultation
    Get expert guidance and insights tailored to your design needs. Our design consultation services will help you make informed decisions, optimise your design strategy, and achieve your goals.​

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